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We are closed pending availability of financing options. We don't know if or when we can continue production and hope that we can assist you sometime in the future.

Priced $10,000 Below MSRP: 2006 Independence 26' RV Trailer

Oak Cabinets, Large Pantry. Queen Size Kraftmatic Adjustable bed. Fully Accessible Design, Including Ramp and All-In-One Bath w/Shower. 3' x 6' Slide Extension, Electric leveling system. Video below, contact us here.

Is This A Good Idea Or Not? You Be The Judge

There’s good news and bad news in the recommendations of the Dole-Shalala Commission presented to President Bush recently, says Paralyzed Veterans of America

Bush Panel, Congress Urge Aid for Wounded Vets - "The recommendations include increasing government help for family members who take care of the wounded. "Making the significant improvements we recommend requires a sense of urgency and strong leadership," it said. Bush said his hand-picked investigative panel had interesting suggestions on improving health care for those wounded in battle. But the White House said not to expect action right away. White House press secretary Tony Snow said that Bush would not be acting immediately on any of the recommendations. Rather, he said that the panel's ideas would likely be integrated with other ongoing efforts to improve health care and overall treatment of returning soldiers." (NPR - All Things Considered, July 25, 2007)

Hygienicare™ Independence RV/Home Addition (Click for Video Presentation) Hygienicare Independence RV/ Home Addition "The Freedom Machine" features the All-In-One Bath, a 4' wide travel ramp / home connection bridge, and optional SureHands Ceiling Track Lift System. The ramp allows wheelchair access into this go anywhere RV. Pull it behind your van and set it up wherever you travel. Or use it as a portable accessible home addition at a fraction of the cost of institutional care or accessibility home revisioning.

Showcase: "The Freedom Machine" and the All-In-One Bath together in action!

Click to see Hygienicare™ Independence Video Demonstration Hygienicare Independence RV Video

Click to see Hygienicare™ All-In-One Bath Video Demonstration Hygienicare All-In-One Bath Video

"New Life" Portable and Permanent All-In-One Bathrooms          

Image Showing New Life All-In-One Bath, Sliding Door OpenIntroducing the redesigned New Life All-In-One Bath--a self-contained, free standing bath for portable or permanent installation--anywhere that is accessible by wheelchair, up to 100 feet from interior or exterior connections. The Hygienicare™ New Life All-In-One Bath with vacuum formed ABS thermoplastic construction and a welded aluminum frame is strong and durable. New features include a sliding curvilinear door, SaniFlow power discharge macerating system, available tankless electric water heater, overhead and handheld shower and an optional Brondell bidet personal wash.

Only the Hygienicare™ New Life All-In-One Single Transfer System provides a smooth transfer from wheelchair onto a seat with an integrated ADA-compliant toilet, easy reach lavatory and shower.
The unified All-In-One Bath--elegant in simplicity--yet functional and versatile incorporates an entire bath and shower into one easily installed  unit, just 34" wide x 5' long x 5' high. Direct shipment to customer for installation into an existing home or home addition.  Also available in the Garage-It Portable Mini-RV 65 and Mini-RV 98 Travel-Able Bathrooms.

Click to see Hygienicare™ All-In-One Bath Video Demonstration Hygienicare™ All-In-One Bath Video Presentation

Watch it now and see how the total care bath can assist the caregiver or improve self-care options.

We appreciate your interest and welcome your questions and comments. Let us know if you need more information on a particular model. If you have questions feel free to call us to discuss how we can best meet your specific needs. We welcome inquiries from local, state and federal agencies, residential remodelers, dealers, independent installers, insurance carriers, Certified Nurse Life Care Planners (CNLCP,) Certified Life Care Planners  CLCP), Case Managers (CCM), and anyone who is assisting or representing a client with a catastrophic injury or disability in the U.S. or Canada.

Please tell your friends and let us know how we can better serve you. Thanks for your visit.

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