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Hygienicare™ New Life All-In-One Disability Bathroom
Wheelchair Accessible - Single Transfer System

Introduction & Photos

For many people with disabilities, the ability to live at home is denied by the prohibitive cost of home modifications to provide for an accessible bathroom, requiring extensive renovation; often a total retrofit of electrical and plumbing systems in rental or older homes to meet current code requirements.

Now there is a viable alternative:the NEW LIFE PORTABLE All-In-One Bathroom--elegant in simplicity--yet functional and versatile. The bathroom provides a single wheelchair transfer onto a seat where an ADA compliant toilet, lavatory & shower are all within easy reach. The All-In-One Bathroom incorporates an entire bath and shower into one easily installed unit, just 34" wide x 5' long x 5' high.

The single-transfer entry on the New Life Bathroom features a curvilinear sliding entry, power discharge system, available Bosch tankless electric water heater and optional Brondell Bidet with remote control. The SaniFlow macerating system pressure ejects waste through a one inch PVC pipe for toilet, shower and sink discharge up to 100 feet away to a standpipe or sewer connection. Upflow design means the bath can be installed above grade, without floor penetration, even on a concrete floor. All utility connections can be made to the building's exterior where necessary. Vacuum formed ABS thermoplastic construction surrounds a welded aluminum frame design for strength and durability.  Permanent and Portable models can be shipped direct to customer.

The Hygienicare™ New Life All-In-One Bathroom is a self-contained, free standing bath for portable or permanent installation anywhere that is accessible by wheelchair, within 100 feet of interior or exterior water, sewer and electrical connections. The New Life All-In-One Bathroom is included in the Garage-It Portable Bath and Mini-RV 65 and 98 Travel-Able Bathrooms. We also offer Recreational Vehicles - Accessible RV/Portable Home Addition Independence--"The Freedom Machine", Premiere Extended Editions and the SportMaster featuring the Hygienicare™ All-In-One Bath.


Image Showing New Life All-In-One Bathroom, Sliding Door Open (Click to enlarge)
Curvilinear Sliding Door Open
Remote Controlled Brondell Bidet Personal Wash (Click to enlarge)
Remote Controlled Brondell Bidet Personal Wash


  •  Total Care Bathroom for people in wheelchairs. Can be used with an overhead lift system

  •  Curvilinear sliding door for unobstructed access and entry

  •  From wheelchair locked in place, a single transfer provides easy access to all fixtures 

  •  Fewer transfers, safer access, reduced effort for you and your caregiver

  •  Low cost and flexible installation options to fit most locations

  •  Universal design incorporated for persons all ages

  •  Increases independence and self-care options

  •  34" wide x 5' long x 5' high, occupies less than 15 sq. ft. floor space

  •  Caroma® Caravelle ADA compliant flush toilet

  •  Over head shower and lavatory with single lever faucet and integrated hand-held shower

  •  Anti-scald safety valve in faucet and shower controls

  •  Vacuum formed ABS construction and welded aluminum frame

  •  Water shield wall surround integrated with containment form

  •  Optional Bosch tankless electric water heater and Brondell Bidet with remote control

  •  Kit provides quick installation by do-it-yourselfer, plumber or remodeler

  •  Direct shipment to customer for in-home installation

  •  Brochures and DVD available, request here

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