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Independence New Life All-In-One Model 74 Model 136

Hygienicare Independence Fully Accessible RV/Portable Home Addition

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Independence RV/ Portable Home Addition
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    •  26' x 8' 6" plus 3' x 6' Slide Extension  •  242 Square Feet

    •  4' Wide Travel Ramp/Home Connection Bridge

    •  Electric leveling system

    •  Fully Accessible Design, Includes Hygienicare™ All-In-One Bathroom

    •  Roll-under Sink, 6.1 cu ft Refrigerator

    •  Microwave and Range with front-mounted controls

    •  Fully insulated and air conditioned with baseboard heat

    •  Efficient thermal pane windows and reflective coatings

    •  Rugged exterior with aluminum kick panels

    •  Optional SureHands® Ceiling Track Lift System


Click on image to see Hygienicare™ Independence Video

The Independence RV/ Portable Home Addition "The Freedom Machine" is a barrier-free design with easy wheelchair access throughout. Pull it behind your van and set it up wherever you travel. Or use it as a portable accessible home addition at a fraction of the cost of institutional care or complete accessibility home revision. The Dual-Purpose Travel Trailer features a 4' Wide Travel Ramp/Home Connection Bridge. The ramp allows wheelchair access into this go-anywhere RV. It also serves as the home connection bridge to the side or rear door of an existing home.

The All-In-One Bath in the Independence RV/ Portable Home Addition is the same disability bathroom that is used in all our residential installations and home additions. The All-In-One Bathroom occupies only 15 square feet, and is only 5 ft. 1 in. long by 3 ft. wide. This compact bath is easily accessed from a wheelchair with the single transfer. Because the door rotates upward and does not interfere with the transfer, the wheelchair is locked in place and ready whenever the patient wishes to return. Total hygienic access to a Caroma® Caravelle 270 ADA compliant two button dual flush toilet, lavatory and shower, easily accessed from a wheelchair, provides increased independence for the patient and caregiver alike, never before possible in small homes or RVs.

The All-In-One Bathroom is lightweight, strong and durable. It is manufactured with an injection molding process utilizing polyurethane components for the containment form. The unified All-In-One Bath--elegant in simplicity--yet functional and versatile incorporates an entire bath and shower into one 3' by 5' unit.

Available option SureHands® Ceiling Track Lift System with wireless infrared remote control. If you have lost the ability to transfer manually but you still have a limited range of motion with adequate muscle tone, it may be possible for you to self transfer with HM50LRC track system. Go from your bed to wheelchair, toilet or bath in silence with a soft stop and start motion. The wireless infrared remote model gives you the ultimate control to send the motor away when not needed and summon it back when you are ready to go.

For those with limited upper body strength needing lift and transfer assistance, the SureHands® Ceiling Track Lift System allows a caregiver to lift an individual of over 300 pounds without injury to themselves or the patient. Let the motor help you with the strain of lifting and lowering. Easily transport the person laterally along the track system once they are suspended. Transfers to bed, bath or toilet have never been easier. All SureHands® track systems can be used with either the SureHands body support or SureHands Slings. So everyone can be accommodated regardless of their disability.

Priced $10,000 Below MSRP: 2006 Independence 26' RV Trailer

Oak Cabinets, Large Pantry. Queen Size Kraftmatic Adjustable bed. Fully Accessible Design, Including Ramp and All-In-One Bathroom w/Shower. 3' x 6' Slide Extension, Electric leveling system.
Featured in video below, contact us here.

    •  Price $40,000 - $79,000 varies by model and equipment installed.  PriceContactUs*

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* Specifications and pricing are subject to change, please contact us for details. See Cost Information.

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