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Independence New Life All-In-One Model 74 Model 136

Hygienicare™ All-In-One Disability Bathroom
Wheelchair Accessible - Single Transfer System

Photos, Video & Floor Plan

For many people with disabilities, the ability to live at home is denied by the major expense of home modifications to provide for an accessible bathroom, requiring extensive renovation and too much space. That obstacle has been overcome with the unified All-In-One Bathroom--elegant in simplicity--yet functional and versatile. The All-In-One Bathroom provides a single wheelchair transfer onto a seat where an ADA compliant toilet, lavatory & shower are all within easy reach. The All-In-One Bathroom incorporates an entire bathroom and shower into one easily installed 3' by 5' unit. Direct shipment to customer for installation in an existing home, home addition, rear deck or anywhere with water and sewer connections.

The Hygienicare™ All-In-One Bathroom is lightweight, strong and durable. Manufacture of the All-In-One Bathroom utilizes a superior injection molding process using polyurethane components for the containment form. The single-transfer entry on the All-In-One Bathroom has been redesigned with a nitrogen assist door lift, improving reliability and eliminating the need for an electrical connection.

We also offer Recreational Vehicles - Accessible RV/Portable Home Addition Independence--"The Freedom Machine", Premiere Extended Editions and the SportMaster featuring the Hygienicare™ All-In-One Bathroom.


Click to see Hygienicare™ All-In-One Bathroom Video Demonstration Hygienicare All-In-One Bathroom Video Presentation  - watch it now and see how this unique total care bath can assist the caregiver and increase self-care options.


Click to see Hygienicare™ Independence Video Demonstration Hygienicare™ Independence RV Video Presentation "The Freedom Machine" and the All-In-One Bathroom together in action


Hygienicare™ All-In-One Bathroom (Click to enlarge)
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  •  Total Care Bathroom for people in wheelchairs or catastrophic injuries

  •  Swing-up door allows unobstructed entry from wheelchair

  •  From wheelchair locked in place, a single transfer provides easy access to all fixtures 

  •  Saves time & effort of both client and caregiver

  •  Low cost and installable, only water and sewer connections are required

  •  Universal design incorporated for persons all ages

  •  Increases independence and self-care options

  •  3' x 5' bath occupies only 15 sq. ft. floor space

  •  Caroma® Caravelle 270 ADA compliant two button dual flush toilet

  •  Lavatory with single lever faucet with integrated hand-held shower

  •  Anti-scald safety valve in faucet and shower control

  •  Injection molded high-impact polyurethane containment form

  •  Water shield wall surround integrated with containment form

  •  Kit provides quick installation by do-it-yourselfer, plumber or remodeler

  •  Direct shipment to customer for in-home installation

  •  Design for Recreational Vehicles RV Park Model 403

  •  Brochures and DVD available, request here

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