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Accessibility Features in Kitchen
Assistive Technology Bedroom Suite
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Design Information - Barrier-Free Assistive Technology


Hygienicare products start with a barrier-free plan which provides easy wheelchair access to all rooms and appliances. Designed specifically for people with a physical disability, using structural and mechanical components that allow installation of assistive technology equipment suited to each individual's needs.



Specifications & Features

Standard Throughout

•  All interior passage doors are 36" wide with lever handles and heavy duty door hinges

•  Lowered tilt plate light switches and raised electrical outlets throughout

•  Double laminated O. S. B. non-flexing sub-floors for heavy electric wheelchairs

•  Oak cabinet doors and drawers throughout

•  Anti-scald faucets in kitchen and bath

•  Switch for walk-in closet lights

Standard Accessibility Features in Kitchen - See Kitchen Gallery Photos

•  34" maximum height lowered kitchen counter tops

•  Partial roll under stainless steel kitchen sink

•  Roll under cook top range with front mounted controls

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Assistive Technology Bedroom Suite - See Photos Here

The All-In-One Bath occupies only 15 square feet, and is only 5 ft. 1 in. long by 3 ft. wide. This compact bath is easily accessed from a wheelchair with the single transfer of the individual either in or out. Because the door rotates upward and does not interfere with transfers, the wheelchair is locked in place and ready whenever the patient returns. Total hygienic access to a Caroma® Caravelle 270 ADA compliant two button dual flush toilet, lavatory and shower, easily accessed from a wheelchair for increased independence for the patient and caregiver alike. The Hygienicare™ All-In-One Bath is lightweight and made from an injection molding process utilizing polyurethane components for the containment form.

Options Available with Additional Cost

•  Motorized SureHands® personal lift system with remote control and variable rate speed controls. The lift is designed to carry up to 350 lbs at variable speeds using remote controls. See photos of the lift system here.


* Note: Although the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not specifically apply to residential dwellings, businesses and public accommodations that are required to comply with the ADA commonly use "ADA compliant" components to improve accessibility. We strive to make our product descriptions helpful, but using "ADA compliant" could mislead someone into thinking that the ADA does apply to residences. All of our plans, and nearly all components meet or exceed the ADA standards that apply to public accommodations. An example of a component that may not be ADA compliant would be a sliding patio door exit.

A regulation or guideline that did apply to residential dwellings could benefit everyone that has now, or may in the future be limited access to their own home. Hopefully someday all new homes will at least incorporate some universal design features, making them safer, more accessible and user-friendly for everyone.

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* Specifications and pricing are subject to change, please contact us for details. See Cost Information.

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