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In this presentation, a person with a disability demonstrates a transfer from his wheelchair to the Hygienicare™ bath and return to the wheelchair, both unassisted and assisted.

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When an individual suffers a catastrophic injury or illness, the caregiver’s home is usually not adequate to accommodate the wheelchair occupant without considerable remodeling of the bath. In order to use separate bath fixtures, such as an ADA compliant toilet with grab bars, roll-in wheelchair shower, roll under lavatory and the space required to navigate the wheelchair, both space requirements and costs increase substantially. In this early stage, it is hard to determine what the actual care requirements of the individual in a wheelchair will be in the home. Consequently, one important consideration not considered at the time is multiple transfers of the person to and from each bathroom fixture, which requires multiple lifting tasks by the caregiver. This creates two problems. One, excessive lifting of the patient or family member by the caregiver for the transfers and second, the extended time needed to perform those transfers. 

In order to provide either a professional caregiver or family caregiver an adequate caregiver bath facility within the home, the Hygienicare™ All-In-One Bath was created to fulfill all those hygienic needs for catastrophic patient care. The unit occupies only 15 square feet of floor space, with a size three feet wide by five feet long. It is shipped common carrier to the customer in packages that provide easy access to all rooms where the product may be used. Any location where the disabled individual may reside where a sewer line, water line and electrical outlet is available is all that's needed for the installation location. (Update: Electrical connections are no longer needed.)

The Hygienicare™ All-In-One Bath requires only a single transfer of the person from the wheelchair into the unit were all hygienic needs can be accomplished. A door swings up and away from the opening of the bath, providing easy access and no interference with the wheelchair which is locked in place and ready whenever you are. This combined bath dramatically changes the time required for maintaining an individual with a catastrophic injury or illness, and at low costs not attainable with remodeled larger bathrooms. The Hygienicare™ All-In-One Bath is uniquely designed for wheelchair accessibility by those of all ages, and can be accessed using overhead lift systems or wall mounted lift systems such as the SureHands®  Wall-to-Wall Handi-Move Lift System demonstrated. The Hygienicare™ combined bath exclusively uses the Caroma®  Caravelle 270 ADA compliant two button dual flush toilet, which is also shipped directly to the user for installation by local plumbers.

Saving the time of the family caregiver provides the caregiver with options for work or play, to enjoy their own life pursuits beyond care giving. For the professional caregiver, the time saved provides more time for other patient needs and injury protection, since when using the Hygienicare™ All-In-One Bath there is only a single transfer, saving money and increasing safety for all concerned.

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Filming of the Hygienicare™ All-In-One Bath was in the interior of the Turtle/Hygienicare™ #96 home addition, a product of both companies and their subsidiaries or licensees. Additional Hygienicare™ All-In-One Bath Additions and Bedroom/Bath Addition designs are available, including the Recreational Vehicle HygienicareIndependence.

The Hygienicare™ All-In-One Bath is patent pending, and is the only multiple hygienically functional wheelchair accessible bath for those with catastrophic injuries or illnesses. Hygienicareis a registered trademark of Hygienicare™ LLC, licensed by J/2 design systems of Topeka KS. Contact us for pricing information.

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