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    Do you have an injury, illness or health condition that requires a home with special modifications? Is your current home inaccessible or inadequate to meet the needs of family or friends in a wheelchair? With the Hygienicare Independence RV/ Home Addition and/or All-In-One Bath you can return home sooner after a catastrophic injury.

    Investment in a Hygienicare All-In-One Bath or RV/Home Addition is a cost-effective alternative to an extended stay in a rehabilitation hospital, assisted living center or care facility. At $500+/day, 6 months of institutional care would cost $91,000 and more than $182,000 each year! Independence RV/Home Addition pricing starts at $45,000 and varies by model and options. 

On-site labor

Utility connections are required for the Hygienicare All-In-One Bath. Qualified plumbing and electrical services may be necessary, and the purchaser is responsible for any arrangements with a local contractor. If home modification or remodeling is also desired or necessary, this must be accomplished by professionals licensed to do this work. For permanent installations added costs may be incurred in the installation of a home addition or remodel, including carpentry both interior and exterior for such things as siding, roofing, mate line connections, setting interior doors, finish trim, and other miscellaneous finishing. Depending on specifications painters or other specialties may be needed for both interior and exterior completion.

A New Direction for Turtle Homes

Demand Grows for Hygienicare Products in Changing Market

The costs of manufacturing and delivering Turtle Homes have accelerated due in part to price increases of worker's compensation insurance, in-house labor, on-site development, management, subcontracting and building materials, especially in products made with wood or steel. Oil price inflation has increased the cost to ship materials and components to manufacturing facilities, as well as shipping of the finished product to home sites throughout the United States. Products made with petrochemicals (i.e., PVC pipe, floor coverings, paint) are more costly. Rising mortgage interest rates and home-buying programs for people with disabilities have been under-funded or unavailable. The resolution of catastrophic injury litigation can take many years. These trends have placed a new home out of reach for those who need it most, when they need it most.

With a shift in focus we can better serve people with disabilities and best help those with the greatest need. We are concentrating our efforts into home modification and home additions, including Hygienicare RV/Home Additions Independence and SportMaster featuring the Hygienicare™ All-In-One Bath, the SureHands® Ceiling Track Lift System and other assistive products. To meet an increasing demand for accessibility in existing homes, we will provide home remodelers with products that can be installed efficiently and affordably. We will complete our previous orders and contracts and would work with developers on commercial applications, including multiple unit developments, hospice or assisted living facilities. In the future we will make plans available for conventional home construction.

We are not providing any future turnkey installations of disability homes. If you want to purchase a new home, we will build and deliver an accessible Turtle Home to your location, as long as the purchaser assumes the entire on-site development, management of and responsibility for all costs and contracts necessary to complete the home.  We will show you what sub-contractors are necessary to do the work, but we can not manage a turnkey project. Assuming the total turnkey responsibility for multiple, simultaneous projects nationwide is extremely time, resource and logistically intensive.

We appreciate your interest and welcome your questions and comments. Let us know if you need more information on a particular model. If you have questions feel free to call us to discuss how we can best meet your specific needs. We welcome inquiries from local, state and federal agencies, residential remodelers, dealers, independent installers, insurance carriers, Certified Nurse Life Care Planners (CNLCP,) Certified Life Care Planners  CLCP), Case Managers (CCM), and anyone who is assisting or representing a client with a catastrophic injury or disability in the U.S. or Canada.

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* Specifications and pricing are subject to change, please contact us for details.

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